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Boating Information

Boating Guidelines

2014 Guidelines

  • Stay 100 feet from shore
  • Stay 1000 feet from barges.
  • Boats must anchor outside the safety zone
  • East of the barges are marked by buoys and public safety vessels
  • West of the barges, all vessels must anchor west of the Massachusetts Ave. Bridge. NO BOATS WILL BE ALLOWED TO ANCHOR BETWEEN THE BARGES AND THE MASSACHUSETTS AVE. BRIDGE due to the new location of the barges, further west, closer to the bridge. 
  • Craigie Drawbridge at Museum of Science will not open after fireworks until 1:00AM July 5th.
  • Vessels over 12 feet in height must stay upriver of the Longfellow Bridge after the fireworks. Vessels over 12 feet in height cannot clear drawbridge.
  • Boats will not be able to anchor within the restricted areas, around barges or along the shoreline between the Massachusetts Ave and Longfellow Bridges.
  • Boats will be allowed to transit the river in designated channels that will run along the Boston and Cambridge sides of the river until 8:15PM on July 4th. Channel will not reopen until after the fireworks.
  • All Lagoons are closed to the public.
  • Due to tidal conditions, longer wait times than normal may occur to pass downriver through the New Charles River Dam.
  • All public docks between the Massachusetts Ave and Longfellow Bridges will be closed. No access of any kind will be allowed at these docks. 
  • Massachusetts State Police will monitor Channel 16 and enforce all restrictions.
  • The Charles River is a "No Discharge Area." Discharge of boat sewage or other waste is prohibited. Designated pump-out facilities are located at The Charles River Yacht Club in Cambridge, by MIT, and the Watertown Yacht Club.

Please help keep the Charles River clean!