What People are Saying

“This was my first time attending in person - I've watched the show on TV almost all of my life. The '1812 Overture' symbolizes the 4th of July to me more than anything else and it was truly wonderful!! I will be back next year.”
New London, CT 

“I loved the firm artistic hand shown in the fireworks. They were indescribably beautiful.”
Austin, TX

“The best fireworks I have ever seen in my life.”
Leuven, Belgium

“The experience of sitting in the Oval and meeting people from all over the USA was amazing.”
Corpus Christi, TX

“An outstanding event in every way!”
Gloucester, MA

“Unequaled salute to Americans.”
Queens Village, NY

“Wonderful Fourth of July celebration, thanks Boston.”
Pauta Gorda, FL

“An event that distinguishes (Boston) in the eyes of the nation.”
Brighton, MA

“Combination of sight and sound was magnificent!”
Hacienda Heights, CA

“We have been attending for 20 years and it gets better every year!”
Belmont, MA

“We really loved it and can’t wait to return. It was perfect!”
Pinehurst, NC

“We had a wonderful time and have told our friends they have to check you out!”
Paso Robles, CA

“Aloha, splendid work.”
Waianae, HI

“What a wonderful way to celebrate our great nation! It brought tears to our eyes!”
Menomonee Falls, WI

“An outstanding concert I have watched for years on TV. Glad to finally be present…an exciting and wonderful celebration!”
Pensacola, FL

“The best American event I’ve ever been to!”
Dallas, TX

“What a great way to bring America together.”
Quincy, MA

“Music incredible, atmosphere peaceful, people’s attitude great, security great – an American event!”
Lancaster, MA

“Wow! This event makes me so proud to be an American!”
Deltona, FL

“Best fireworks I have ever seen. I would come back in a heartbeat!”
Longview, WA

“Unforgettable! I was speechless afterwards. This city is the best. Thank you!"
Bayfield, CO

“Thank you for an amazing evening. It was my first Independence Day and it was INCREDIBLE.”
Hemel Hempstead, England

“There is nothing like the 4th of July in Boston.”
Columbus, OH

“Excellent event. Very little could improve it. The 4th of July isn’t the 4th of July without the Pops on the Esplanade!”
Cambridge, England

“I would ‘pahk my cah’ in Boston for the 4th anytime!”
Downers Grove, IL

“It was the best fireworks show I have ever seen and the Boston Pops made it even more memorable.”
Derry, NH

“The music was amazing; you could hear it everywhere. It was superb…Don’t change a thing! I can’t wait to come back next year.”
Dorchester, MA

“Overall fantastic! A wonderful patriotic celebration.”
Tulsa, OK

“In total – we love Boston and July 4th.”
Dobbs Ferry, NY

“Best fireworks display on the planet and gets better each year!”
Randolph, MA

“You just about thought of everything! Fantastic event!”
Quincy, MA

“Came to Boston specifically for this event and was NOT disappointed!”
Leawood, KS

“I only wish Southern California had this event. Thank you for all of your planning.”
Newport Beach, CA

“It was really a nice experience. This is the first time I have seen a show like this. Thanks for such a spectacular event.”
Somerville, NJ

“I thought everything was wonderful! Best fireworks I’ve ever seen! I can’t wait to see what acts are prepared for next year.”
Boston, MA

“I really enjoyed the experience. I hadn’t been in some time and once again I was pleasantly surprised by the whole thing. Only in America.”
Taunton, MA

“The whole experience exceeded our expectations.”
Syracuse, NY

“Our 2,300 mile drive from El Paso was worth every mile!”
El Paso, TX

“The fireworks and the Pops were great. Thank you for a wonderful time in Boston!”
St. Simons Island, GA

“We have come for many years and really look forward to coming here with our family. Thank you!”
Acton, MA

“The best public event that positively reflects the wonder of our nation and shows how hundreds of thousands of people of all different races can come together and celebrate our nation’s freedom and greatness on the 4th. BEST event by far.”
Nashua, NH

“This event is fantastic. I love it and wish all Americans could experience the magic!”
Winthrop, MA

“Enjoyed the crowd, the weather, met nice people – best fireworks EVER!”
Fresno, CA

“This is perhaps the most incredibly awesome 4th of July in the country.”
University Place, WA

“We absolutely enjoyed the entire event! We had a ‘wicked’ cool time!”
New Orleans, LA

“The music and fireworks were outstanding; an unbelievable extravaganza!”
Lacombe, Alberta, Canada

“What a great show. It brings us all together as a nation.”
Boynton Beach, FL

“Every year it gets better and better.”
Manchester, NH

“The Fourth on the Esplanade is the quintessential July 4th celebration.”
Cambridge, MA

“Wonderful way to celebrate our country’s birthday.”
Newton, IA

“It was a dream come true. I have watched this event for many years on TV and I finally made it to the real thing. It’s an experience we will never forget.”
Donna, TX

“The fireworks – one word – AWESOME.”
Southington, CT

“Thanks for a very special reminder of why I serve in the U.S. Army.”
Elgin, OR

“So exciting to be in Boston for July 4th! We’ve seen it on TV for years…being here was wonderful!”
Hemet, CA

“This was a lifelong dream come true to see the Pops on the 4th!”
Ridgecrest, CA

“It was perhaps my most memorable Fourth of July. I’ll long remember this event.”
Dunnellon, FL

“Never discontinue, it’s singularly the most important bonding event for the country.”
Rochester, RI

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